St. Joseph Apache Mission Project Completion Blessing & Acknowledgement Ceremony

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Thanks to all for a wonderful weekend...

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ExPose-Sure 101

    David L Tremblay
    Lincoln County, Alto, New Mexico USA
    Wildlife, Landscapes, Astronomy
    Wildlife and nature photographer residing in Alto, New Mexico over twenty years. A retired engineer who devotes free time to my life long passion, photographing the world we share with nature. My devotion to “close-up” work with mule deer, rocky mountain elk and the many species of birds native to the sub-alpine paradise of the Sacramentos and the vast expanses of Chihuahuan desert to the south have made my work popular with locals. My photographs grace the walls of many neighbors’ homes; note cards and creative style are colorful yet show my love of detail as well as the wit of a man who is comfortable with his surroundings.

    “It has been my pleasure to capture rarely seen glimpses into the natural world. I have developed the ability to illustrate the subtle because my photographs are a study of the smallest of details and the expanses of the grandest landscapes within southern New Mexico.”